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Not another HRMS, but a next-generation HR suite!

An integrated HR technology solution for your global HR needs

NeeyamoWorks - a global HR technology suite created to support your global workforce no matter its size, diversity, geographic presence or complexity. NeeyamoWorks is a future-ready, HR technology solution with an intuitive design providing superior experience for your employees.

One Platform,
Many Applications

A refreshing move from a traditional application-driven approach to a radically innovative functionality-driven approach.

Perfected for multinationals

The NeeyamoWorks Solution suite is a blend of cutting-edge technology, rich functionality, and knowledge of our customer’s pulse.

  • 350+


    No. of clients

  • 190+


    No. of countries covered

  • 1.5 Million


    No. of lives served

Works for Executives,
HR Managers,
Employees & the Last Man Standing

So what does an employee do in a given day? Series of actions and activities depending on the role?

NeeyamoWorks is a person-based HR Management solution as opposed to an entity-centred system. It is designed to provide real-time access to global data and incorporates high-level of automation in areas that are a constant pain to HR organizations.

Works with other Business Systems

NeeyamoWorks’ solutions can be seamlessly integrated to several leading HCM platforms eliminating manual data entry errors, guaranteeing your HR department with hardly obtainable time to focus on strategic HR activities. It provides you with a fully integrated landscape centralizing global HR Operations irrespective of the nature of your business, thereby making the process robust.

In isolation, HR systems can only do so much. NeeyamoWorks is designed to minimize needs for too many integrations as this could contribute to a rigid product.

Connecting to products in your existing HR tech landscape, need not be cumbersome. Pre-built and/or certified connectors makes connecting to leading HR products, a breeze.

The system supports both API-based and file transfer integration methods with data encryption to ensure high levels of security.

Universal features

The NeeyamoWorks Solution suite is a blend of cutting-edge technology, rich functionality and knowledge of our customer’s pulse.

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