An Illustrative Customer

The Quest

Ronald Smith was appointed as the CHRO of Fortuco Inc., an FMCG company with ~47,000 employees spread globally. While 74% of the employees resided in 20 countries (the company’s high-tail), the remaining ~12,000 were dispersed across 47 countries, (the long-tail region). Ronald was responsible for Fortuco’s global workforce and was constantly plagued by the lack of reliable employee data and HR intelligence.

An Illustrative Customer

Early Success

Ronald spent the next 2 years implementing a leading global HRIS solution across its high-tail region and witnessed it working remarkably well for this employee segment. However, for the long-tail region, he relied on a spaghetti of HR systems, a few home-grown solutions and spreadsheets, only to realize that this was soon becoming a larger challenge than anticipated.

An Illustrative Customer

Reality Strikes

The challenges he faced include

  • A lack of an integrated and holistic system of records to provide global visibility of Fortuco's employees
  • Constant debates on accountability due to compliance slippages caused by heavy dependency on multiple local vendors – with no central control over them
  • Employee experience suffering time and time again, especially in the long-tail regions, due to the manual HR processes that employees were often subjected to
  • Low user adoption both among employees and the local HR team due to differences in actual vs. expected system functionalities

An Illustrative Customer

The Search

Ronald realized that he needed a solution that would help him gain insights of not just a select segment, but rather, his entire HR ecosystem; while he had a solution that worked for his high-tail region, he needed a technology backbone for his Long-tail segment. This he believed, would help him make informed decisions and curb the challenges that he presently faced.

An Illustrative Customer

Enter NeeyamoWorks

Ronald identifies NeeyamoWorks as the missing piece and soon implements NeeyamoWorks' suite of products. NeeyamoWorks integrates to Fortuco’s global HRIS suite using pre-built connectors and tested APIs that allow seamless flow of information. Its functionally-rich, configuration friendly solution, helped plug all existing gaps creating a truly effective hybrid working model for Fortuco.

An Illustrative Customer

True Success

Ronald Smith, was now a relieved man

  • With rich functional capability, NeeyamoWorks assisted with local compliance.
  • Fortuco was able to consolidate its global HR technology footprint; NeeyamoWorks and the global HRIS working together in long-tail and high-tail countries respectively
  • Better data quality resulting in a single unified view of Fortuco’s global HR information that allowed him to take actionable and timely decisions.
  • NeeyamoWorks’ intuitive design and focus on consumer grade digital experience, increased employee experience and user adoption. In-built survey tools helped measure and assess employee pulse as and when needed.
  • As a result of global consolidation and integration –NeeyamoWorks helped Ronald cut operational cost around 45%.

An Illustrative Customer

Confidently Ever After

Having established a truly global HRIS landscape by successfully integrating NeeyamoWorks to the primary HRIS, Ronald Smith strode on confidently ever after.

-ve scale
+ve scale

+80% Transactions via self-service

-45% Total cost of ownership

Global integration of HR system

Administrative HR burden

Global deployment

One unified global system

Analytics and insights